Would my aiming for archery be off if I was aiming like “A” in the first photo, which is why I’m having to aim a little to the right and down to hit the target? 

Should I have my right arm (the bow arm) pushing a little more to the right side so everything is in line and straight?

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    Yes. You might get a longer draw length and you become unstable in your left arm. Making it harder to keep it tight and...
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    Quite simply, yes. Also there is a higher risk of causing serious damage to your arm if you draw like figure A
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    Excuse you, who said you could show me this sexy diagram in the middle of the night. The indecency.
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    idk about archery but great ref!
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    The problem with “A” is that you wouldn’t be holding the draw weight of the bow efficiently. as you raise your bow...
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